Tobermory, Canada

Best Ice Diving Destinations in the World

Tobermory, Canada

Get past freeze-proof gear and under-ice protocol, and winter diving packs a trippy reality found nowhere else.

This past winter, Lake Huron, home to Fathom Five National Marine Park, never froze solid. Most polar-plunge seekers passed, unable to tote gear by sled or car across the lake.

Not underwater ­shooter Jerzy Kowalczuk. He’d been dreaming of ice ­diving the park’s famed ­119-foot Sweepstakes schooner, sunk in 20 feet. Instead of putting in at Big Tub Harbor Lighthouse, a ­five-hour drive from Detroit, he called friends until he gained access to private cabins nearer the wreck.

Says Kowalczuk: “It was such a strange sight. Sun passing through ice creates a turquoise color, unique to winter diving. That day, sunbeams fed through the cracks — I was amazed.”

Find out more about wreck diving in Tobermory, Canada, and see a weekend itinerary.

Dive Now: By March, most of the lake has frozen over, allowing divers to walk or pull sleds of gear across the ice.

The 59-foot John & Alex wreck is one of four steam tugboats clustered together in Little Tub Harbour, located at the Fathom Five National Marine Park in Tobermory, Canada. The depth is 15-20 feet and water temperatures during this dive was 33 degrees F. Jerzy Kowalczuk


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