About us 關於我們

iMAZU includes the world’s top technology, such as solid-state batteries, waterproof heating yarn, wireless power device, etc. Our mission is to serve the people enjoy water sports and related expert in the world by the advanced and safest technology.


Brand Story 品牌故事

We believe that the science and technology is to make human life more convenient and life protection. As a technology brand in Asia, we design the concept of “MAZU”, who is the symbol of the patron saint of the sea in Asian culture, into our brand concept. We hope can develop more underwater technology products, to support more convenient and safe equipment to underwater workers. Thus, “iMAZU” was born.




Wireless Power Device 無線充電元件

Our products are equipped 15W wireless power device, and the battery can be replaced underwater without short.


Waterproof Heated Yarn 【防水加熱絲】

Our products are built-in soft and washable waterproof heating yarn, so you feel comfortable and warm in the suit.


Solid State Battery【固態電池】

Our products are equipped with high safety flexible solid-state batteries with compression, explosion-proof function.


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Extend Application

Heated Diving Suit【加熱潛水衣】

Our system can be used dry / wet diving suit, so that divers under the water feel warm


Underwater Flashlight【水下探照燈】

When the underwater flashlight run out of energy, use our system to replace the battery in the water.

Underwater Scooter【水中推進器】

When the underwater scooter’s power is exhausted, it can be replace the battery through our system.


Underwater Energy Transfer Platform

Our team

Business 2 Business

  • Original Design/ Equipment Manufacturer(OD/EM) ,委託設計/製造;
  • Module Transaction,模組交易;
  • Co-Brandin,品牌合作。

Business 2 Customer

  • Agent 代理商;
  • Distributor 經銷商;
  • E-Commerce Pre-order 電子商務預購;